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5. Writing and researching

It's now week five and the formal commission is underway...

Miguel, can you describe how the class responded to the VOKI presentation? From what you told me, it sounds like it was a rich opportunity for aural language as they listened, inferred and questioned.

I also liked what you said about holding back from directing the children and instead asking "how do you think the information should be presented to the client?" I think you found the children came up with ideas similar to what you would have planned - plus some other 'angles' you hadn't thought of...? I'd love you to share some more on the temptations to lead and the benefits of walking alongside the learners - this sounds like a really important part of your experience...

Yes! After watching the video (I spoke about 'Voki' on the last blog, see images) I asked: " are we going to do this?". And then I went quiet, resisting the temptation to lead. We have time restraints a…

3. The opening sequence

Viv says:

Last time we talked, we looked at a possible sequence for the opening few sessions. I'll share this outline here but I bet things changed in practice, right Miguel?

Yes they did :) We also had much shorter lessons than anticipated and fewer lessons due to school closures and meetings. That's ok though as I am enjoying the challenge of fitting in the MOTE whenever we can, and I have been excitedly saying things like "hopefully we will have time to do some drama later?" Yay!

Suggested sequence was:

1. A warm up on preparing to play / imagine through the "Scarf game" (kind of like the object transformation in this link)

This went swimmingly. The kids first co-constructed the requirements for a safe drama environment and then agreed to honour them for their classmates. They enjoyed the scarf game and they were pumped to get started.

2. A trading game activity on the question "what is identity?" (Trading game described here by Brian Edmiston)

6. Some photos so far...

Freeze Frames: 'How the adze was lost...'
Freeze Frames: 'How the adze was lost...'

Freeze Frames: 'How the adze was lost...'

Freeze Frames: 'How the adze was lost...'

Freeze Frames: 'How the adze was lost...

'Freeze Frames: 'How the adze was lost...'

       Research and Logo Design

Comic book script: 'How the adze was lost...'


4. Now for the commission....

Great to have a chat today and hear how well the Mantle has been going ... It's such a pleasure to see a teacher all excited and animated about their teaching as you were today Miguel - good on you! .... It's clear both you and the children are having a really great time. Fingers crossed those final few permission slips come in tomorrow as I'm dying to see / share the photos you've been taking along the way. What have been your personal highlights so far?

Personal highlights for me are: hearing the kids speaking positively about MOTE as a new and exciting thing they are doing; their willingness to take risks; the deep connection to the topic of identity that the kids are experiencing, especially through oral language. But most of all, the way some of the shy kids have come out of their shell since being swept away in the process...what a catalyst for change it has been for them. I have seen them blossom before my eyes. Worth it!

Our conversation about engagement remind…